Bellingham, Washington High School Senior Portrait Photographer: Annie – Class of 2015

Its that time of year when High School Seniors are getting ready to go back to school in just a couple months or less and are getting excited about their last year of High School. I love being a part of that with them. A part of me is always a bit sad after our session because I always feel a bit attached to my senior girls. I feel like they are my baby sister or something.

I love the time I have to get to know my girls when they are getting their hair and makeup done (by the fabulous Anna).  They are all so fun and so different, so it never feels repetitive and never gets boring. 2014-07-23_00012014-07-23_00022014-07-23_00032014-07-23_00042014-07-23_00052014-07-23_00062014-07-23_00072014-07-23_00082014-07-23_00092014-07-23_00102014-07-23_00112014-07-23_0012

Seattle, Washington Engagement Photographer: Zach and Gabby

I am in the midst if my very busy season where the Sun is out and everyone wants pictures. I love this time of year because I get to soak up some sun, photograph new faces and have wonderful experiences.

Most of my clients are out of town, so I am driving a lot. I actually love to drive because it gives me time to think and listen to music, which inspires me more than anything. The other night I was on my way out to an engagement shoot and started thinking how much I have to edit when I get home and how much I kind of dislike editing photos. Lets be honest though, I really don’t dislike it. I enjoy being with people so much and getting to know my clients, than when it comes time to edit, I am in a bit of a low state. I am sad our fun shoot is over and that I don;t get to talk to them or get to know them anymore.

Tonight I realized that I actually do like editing because it reminds me of the time I had to spend with these beautiful people and new friends. I am able to relive the day through these pictures, and that makes me smile… a lot! If you ever see me editing, you will see me smiling ridiculously at my computer screen. And thats the truth!2014-07-23_00132014-07-23_00142014-07-23_00152014-07-23_00162014-07-23_00172014-07-23_00182014-07-23_00202014-07-23_00212014-07-23_00222014-07-23_00232014-07-23_00242014-07-23_00252014-07-23_00262014-07-23_00272014-07-23_00282014-07-23_00292014-07-23_00302014-07-23_00312014-07-23_00322014-07-23_00332014-07-23_00342014-07-23_00352014-07-23_00362014-07-23_00372014-07-23_00382014-07-23_00392014-07-23_00402014-07-23_00412014-07-23_0042