Seattle, Washington Engagement Photographer: Caitie and Matt

Today started out nice, but soon turned into a downpour of rain. Typical for Spring here in Seattle. These two were total troopers, but we made sure to try and find as much cover as we could. I honestly could have kept shooting if only the weather would let up. I loved getting to know these two. They both seemed so natural in front of the camera, even if Matt hated getting his picture taken. I’ll make sure to get more photos of them on their wedding this October. I can’t wait!

We started at their wedding venue, Melrose Market in downtown Seattle. After about 15 or 20 minutes, it was a total downpour, so we ┬áheaded East to Issaquah where is was a little dryer. Issaquah didn’t stay dry for too long, but we did get to capture the beauty of downtown Issaquah.


Bellingham, Washington Engagement Photographer: Alex and Kristen

I won’t lie. I seriously hate blogging. That’s probably why you wont find me blogging a whole bunch (you can find more frequent updates on my Facebook page). And I totally realize its been, like, forever since my last post. However, I spent this afternoon with this super adorable couple and they inspired me to share their session with you tonight.

I knew Kristen and I would get along great after our long phone conversation when she was inquiring about my wedding services, but when she knocked on my door today, I felt like I was visiting with an old friend and her new fiance. It was so easy to hang out with them. We laughed almost the entire session and just had a blast venturing out into unknown territories. I cannot wait for their wedding later this year. It’s going to be so much fun!A_K37copy_courtneybowldenA_K77copybw_courtneybowldenA_K90copy_courtneybowldenA_K140copy_courtneybowldenA_K166copy_courtneybowldenA_K186copy_courtneybowldenA_K240copy_courtneybowldenA_K275copy_courtneybowldenA_K294copy_courtneybowldenA_K328copy_courtneybowldenA_K361copy_courtneybowldenA_K365copy_courtneybowldenA_K373copy_courtneybowldenA_K440copy_courtneybowldenA_K454copy_courtneybowldenA_K470copy_courtneybowldenA_K479copy_courtneybowldenA_K502copy_courtneybowldenA_K547copy_courtneybowldenA_K559copy_courtneybowlden