Bellingham, Washington Senior Portrait Photographer: Lexi – Class of 2015

Its been about a month, so I figured it was about time I post something on the blog (wink, wink). You all have probably heard my rant on blogging, so no need for apologies, right? Ha!

This year for seniors has been truly amazing. At the beginning of every year, I am always afraid no one will book with me and I will have no seniors to photograph. I love getting to know these girls and I love being able to take their senior picture. Lexi was no exception. She is so beautiful and so sweet. She is also one very busy girl! Most of my seniors this year are very involved in their school activities. I guess I am always surprised because when I was a senior, the last place I wanted to be was school. Maybe thats just me.

I loved Lexi’s cute style. She brought a ton of colorful and super cute clothes for her session. I may be a pretty plain dresser myself, but I always enjoy seeing what “my girls” bring.


Bellingham, Washington High School Senior Portrait Photographer: Annie – Class of 2015

Its that time of year when High School Seniors are getting ready to go back to school in just a couple months or less and are getting excited about their last year of High School. I love being a part of that with them. A part of me is always a bit sad after our session because I always feel a bit attached to my senior girls. I feel like they are my baby sister or something.

I love the time I have to get to know my girls when they are getting their hair and makeup done (by the fabulous Anna).  They are all so fun and so different, so it never feels repetitive and never gets boring. 2014-07-23_00012014-07-23_00022014-07-23_00032014-07-23_00042014-07-23_00052014-07-23_00062014-07-23_00072014-07-23_00082014-07-23_00092014-07-23_00102014-07-23_00112014-07-23_0012